Decolonized Holistic Mental Health and Wellness 

Soul Werk is the deep dive, commitment to and cultivation of self-awareness; the journey of self actualization, which fosters balance and wholeness, enhancing intentional genuine and meaningful connections. 

We need to be weapons of mass construction, weapons of mass love. It is not enough just to change the system. We need to change ourselves.

Assata Shakur

You may feel stuck right now, not knowing how to address all the feelings that are coming up. You may be sifting through anger, pain, exhaustion, even fatigue; feeling a sense of powerlessness.

Soul Werk can help. We specialize in soul healing; grief & loss, rebuilding hope, accessing & activating the resiliency in our DNA to build deeper bonds with self and community. Here at Soul Werk,
 we work to equip you with simple tools to engage in effective interdependent healing. 

Our purpose at Soul Werk is to help you remember your own intuitive knowing, cultivate self-trust, & understand your connection to ancestral power to heal and create the fulfilling powerful life you deserve!


Let's Werk!


The Soul Behind The Werk

Shaniqua Ford, Founder, CEO and Lead Therapist of Soul Werk Cafe
Shaniqua Ford is currently not accepting any more clients.



Shaniqua Ford, LCSW

CEO and Founder

Shaniqua Ford is a clinically licensed social worker, therapist, speaker and consultant with over a decade of experience dedicated to helping individuals harness their power to evolve & thrive in wholeness.The journey of self-discovery and self-actualization through transition is possible.


Maintaining mental health and emotional wellness through the process is key. Combining clinical training and lived experience within mental health, social justice work, wellness and ancestral healing practices Shaniqua brings a powerfully aligned therapeutic and transformative experience to her clients to help to create authentic, fulfilling, and powerful lives.

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Falisa Byers, MSW


Falisa holds a Master's Degree from Governors State University and is committed to helping our future leaders navigate through the journey of life.


Falisa is a fierce advocate for youth, with over 10 years of experience supporting youth (8-16 years old) into young adulthood (17-21). Passionate about helping youth find and exercise their voices, and their most authentic selves; Falisa works to equip youth and adolescents with the tools and skills to develop social emotional learning, coping skills to manage anxiety, depression, interpersonal struggles, and many other issues which youth face day to day.

Aquanetta Hart, Mental Health Counselor and Graduate Intern with Soul Werk Cafe

Aquanetta Hart, B.A. 

Graduate Counseling Intern

Aquanetta is a mental health and human services professional with multi-cultural competencies skills and experiences that have been utilized to counsel, educate, and facilitate self-regulation management techniques to assist client efforts to cope with the stresses of their daily lives.


Healing does not have to be a solo mission. It is okay to seek help when you are struggling, especially in today's world of chaos. She is here to listen and help you utilize tools and skills that will be long lasting and set you up for success.

Aquanetta is now accepting clients in the state of Illinois.

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Tamiya Staten, LSW


Tamiya welcomes individuals of diverse backgrounds struggling with victimization, trauma, stress, and life transitions. She has special expertise in PTSD, and other difficulties that can emerge following trauma and other stressful life events.


She has experience working with adolescents, young, and older adults from various backgrounds struggling with issues such as anger, stress management, self-esteem, coping skills, depression, anxiety, and family conflict.

Together we can work towards change in a way that honors your core values and beliefs, while motivating you to gain more understanding and awareness about yourself as you take the necessary steps that lead to self-discovery, and freedom from emotional distress. Let’s work together as you take the next steps through Life’s Journey. 

Caray Neal, Therapist with Soul Werk Cafe

Caray Neal, MSW


Caray believes in using Empathy Based Therapy Services to recognize unhealthy patterns of behavior, break unhealthy generational patterns, and change perspectives to promote healing at your own pace.


Her wide range of experience has offered her insight into working with clients that have experienced substance abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.


In her years of experience, she has found that making the life that you want is hard work and it takes time. As your clinician, she is here to work with you as you navigate the changes that come with living a better life and breaking toxic patterns. 

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