You may feel stuck right now, not knowing how to address all the feelings that are coming up. You may be sifting through anger, pain, exhaustion, even fatigue; feeling a sense of powerlessness.

Soul Werk can help. We specialize in soul healing; grief & loss, rebuilding hope, accessing & activating the resiliency in our DNA to build deeper bonds with self and community. Here at Soul Werk,
 we work to equip you with simple tools to engage in effective interdependent healing. 

Our purpose at Soul Werk is to help you remember your own intuitive knowing, cultivate self-trust, & understand your connection to ancestral power to heal and create the fulfilling powerful life you deserve!


Let's Werk!

We need to be weapons of mass construction, weapons of mass love. It is not enough just to change the system. We need to change ourselves.

Assata Shakur


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The Soul Behind the Werk

Shaniqua Ford, CEO, lead therapist and coach at Soul Werk Cafe, comes highly qualified and credentialed. She’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), with an MA in Social Work from the University of Chicago, and over a decade of experience in mental health, holistic wellness, trauma, grief and racial identity healing practices. She uses evidence-based methodologies, combining her clinical training and professional/personal life experiences to bring a powerfully therapeutic and relatable experience to clients. 



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