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How To Fall In Love With You

Many of us will restart our journey of self love as life presents hardships that get in the way of us truly learning, and understanding who we are. Whether you have been on this journey for a while, or just beginning, consider these things:

Self love leaves room for mistakes

You embody self love when you release shame around making mistakes. Accepting who you are fully, and allowing yourself to be, humanizes your experience. Perfectionism does not exist, therefore, it is not a standard that can be reached. Give yourself grace, and accept self forgiveness.

Self love is a daily practice

Check in with yourself daily. Honor your physical and emotional feelings. Create space for leisure, and be intentional about the time you invest in yourself. Make you a priority no matter the circumstance, so that in all instances you now how to care for yourself first.

Self love is teaching other how to love you

On this journey, you will begin to identify all the things that make you feel loved. The way that you love yourself will reflect back to the people around you. It will influence how they treat you and what you are willing to tolerate. If you do not advocate for yourself there cannot be an assumption made about how people know to love and care for you. So as you learn yourself, share with the individuals who are already present in your life, and the ones who enter.


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