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Mental Health Counselor, Graduate Intern

Niya is working on becoming a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Chicago, IL and plans to work in a private practice specializing in providing therapy to Black families and individuals. She passionate about supporting folx with healing from grief and trauma via individual and group therapies, and is also invested in the development, growth, and wellness of her community.

Niya feels most prepared to work with Soul Werk Cafe because of our shared belief in holistic therapy to provide clients with healing while allowing them to connect with their community and tell their stories.


Niya knows that healing is not easy and is dedicated to providing clients with a comforting supportive space where they can express feelings, thoughts, and experiences freely.

If you are experiencing emotional or psychological concerns such as anxiety, burnout, overwhelmedness, depression, or grief; please know that support is available. Together, with Niya, you can explore practical tools and cultivate helpful strategies to navigate the twists and turns of your healing journey. | 708.580.6042 

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